Eco To-Go

The Eco to Go program allows students who are on the run to take their meal to go using a sustainable way.

This optional container exchange program provides students with a clean reusable to go container to help them transport their meal to their destination where they can enjoy it.

Here is how the program works!

  1. Enroll in the Eco to Go program at any time by going to the Main Dining Room and asking an attendant to assist you in enrolling. The cost for the program is only $20 for your entire time at Wells College. You can purchase the program with cash, credit card or Express Cash.
  2. Read and sign the attached program procedures and receive your containers or Eco to Go Carabiner (which allows you not to have to carry your container when not in use).
  3. Use your container for any meal, simply rinse it out, and either exchange it for a cleaned and sanitized replacement or grab a carabiner until you need another container.
  4. Bring back your container each semester or exchange for a carabiner at the end of each semester.

It’s that easy… and the earth thanks you!

Download Program Procedures